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Tuesday, 10 May 2011


The above link is for the Tunbridge Wells film festival, which the organisers hope to put on in September 2011. They are looking for scripts, actors, producers, cameramen and whoever to help make the films.
I have written a short ten minute script and sent it out, no word yet though. The script is called Daffodil Girl and is the story of one man struggling with alzheimers and his relationship with his grand daughter. I hoped it would strike a chord and still waiting to hear if it has.

Another topic close to my heart at the moment is depression; I have recently published a blog SecretSad where I am going to try to explain my journey through depressive moments. The trouble is when I feel like that I don't want to write but when I feel ok I don't want to go back to that.
One thing that has helped though is using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. I taught this to myself during one particular bad spell and sat in Tunbridge Wells Library for most of the day reading up on it. Four weeks down the line and I am still using it, feeling stronger and more able to share what I have learned. As soon as I can I will publish my own journey on Secret Sad.

Next step in writing is to send out the synopsis for Pirates Vs Fairies; our writing group has been given thesacred document and I await the critique. But this is one book that I won't let go of.

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Glenn said...

Hi Zac. did you hear back from the festival people? Did you just email Gaynor? I’m thinking I might send in a couple of shorts of mine, for the hell of it.