Wednesday, 17 June 2015

How to be Free

Is there such a thing as FREEDOM?

Think about the word for a time and figure out how free you are. Are you in a relationship? Are you a parent? Do you work for an organisation? Do you have a mortgage or a loan? What is yours and yours alone?

It is when I ask myself these questions that I wonder how free we all are. We are told by our government that we have freedom of movement and speech and we are democratic, but is that the truth?

Freedom of movement: this is not true in the sense that we all have freedom of movement. Only in a controlled sense of the word. Freedom of movement means that you can travel to another country so long as you fulfil certain obligations, you pass through certain controls and you don't take with you certain items. That's progress for you.

Freedom of speech: again this is untrue. If we live in a country where a scientist can be forced to resign for saying something that a portion of the population don't agree with; or a celebrity can be victimised for stating their opinion; or an organisation has to use disclaimers; or a person is sacked for wearing a Christian cross; or people are victimised for being mentally ill. This list could go on, and it does not give me any clear indication that we live in a society where we have freedom of speech. We have freedom to state an opinion, but then we have to suffer the consequences.

Democracy: how can we state that we are democratic when the majority of the population did not vote for the current government? How can we state that we are democratic when we have CCTV cameras following our every move? We have people arrested for demonstrating?

All of the above is rather simplistic I know, but there is one thing that controls all of this:


We are not free because we are bound by money. We are not democratic because money makes the decisions. We cannot move freely because we need money which is the only currency. Interesting to see that the nudist climbers where asked to pay in buffalo. In the end it was money that got them out.

Just take a moment to imagine a world where money was no longer required. How does it look?

Thursday, 28 May 2015

The first words for a new book tentatively titled Pirates Vs Fairies 2

The following 500 words are the beginning of the next chapter in the Pirates Vs Fairies universe. I hope that you enjoy the opening, and that it intrigues you to want to know more. This is an exclusive and the book will endeavour to be out of my head by the end of the year.
If you would be so kind, I would be very interested in hearing some feedback,

Space is cold; roughly speaking it is about minus two hundred and seventy degrees Celsius. If the weatherman was reporting about that on the television he would be asking you to wrap up warm and only go out if you needed to. Perhaps a day off work and school would be advisable as the frost would be severe.
That is why when humans venture into space they travel in a large tin can, a bit like baked beans but larger. The tin can has lots of buttons and fire coming out of its bottom, this fire is what launches it from the pull of gravity on Earth into the weightlessness, atmosphere-lite, airless and cold universe.

I small tin can floated through the dark void of space, a small light flicked on and off from its nose. Surrounding it was nothing, when I say nothing I mean absolutely nothing, not even a small rock. It was in the middle of nowhere.


Noise does not travel through space as there is no air for it to travel on. So the beeping was coming from inside the tin can. Frost was on the window, but it was not Christmas morning; in fact the astronaut inside had lost track of what day of the year it was. All he knew was that it was Tuesday, because he had just eaten Tuesday’s ration of scrambled egg and ham, in powder form. He burped, and then a sudden panic tugged at his heart as he wondered if he had eaten the wrong day. He turned to his colleague, who was fast asleep at the controls of the tin can, and shook him awake.
“Is it Tuesday?” He said.
“I don’t care.” Said the pilot in reply, he had a name badge stating Milo. The rest of it had rubbed off so the others in the tin can called him Milo.
The tin can held a gathering of five people in total and it was quite comfortable. Inside it had beds; it had an eating area and it had a viewing gallery where you could look outside through a large window, or watch videos, or play games. Because there was nothing to look at outside other than the colour black most preferred playing games. There were three men on board and two women, both women hated each other, which is normal for girls but shocking for men who have never even kissed a girl; most nerds have never kissed a girl, and most scientists are nerds; so I will leave you to come to your own conclusions on that.
“I think I just ate Tuesday.” The astronaut said; his name badge had the word Tracy on it; it was his surname, not his first name, something he had to remind the crew often.

“I don’t think Tuesday will mind.” Milo said. He stretched his aching arms out and accidently flipped a small switch. Suddenly, an alarm went off and everything went dark.

Pirates Vs Fairies is a book for all currently available for download at Amazon. Just type it in and see the results. The book is very suitable for bedtime reading, whether you are young or old. It is also cheap, just 99 British pence.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


It's beginning; the movement is forming; sometime soon the big ones will make way for the true ones and cinema will return to the passionate. 
Things will change.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

I've seen Avengers: Age of Ultron; a slight twang of Marvel fatigue entered my psyche during the middle of the film although I did enjoy it. Perhaps I have overindulged with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, like Yorkie raisin and biscuit bars they always leave you wanting more even if you don't want more. Having said that I am still very excited by the slew of upcoming projects, notably Ant Man in August this year and Captain America: Civil War next, featuring Spiderman. How long can Marvel keep going and as my daughter keeps asking me, what happens when phase 3 is done?

Nuncheon is an old Kent word meaning midday meal. Perhaps for nuncheon you could have man-sucker and marm; sounds delish!

Did you know that during the first English Civil War Christmas was cancelled? Well it was, much to the chagrin of the people who revolted. That would indicate that during a revolution there was a revolt, meaning that there were two revolutions. A little bit like getting a double yolk in an egg.

My recent excursion to the Odeon in Maidstone was very uncomfortable for two reasons; first of all the seats are extremely tiring on the back and the knees. Secondly, the main door to the auditorium is at the back and when you sit at the back it is very unnerving having somebody coming in and out all of the time. It is dark, and you don't know who it is. Not that it should be anyone unsavoury but this is Maidstone after all.
The Odeon is a funny place. One of the cinema chains who manage through no particular effort to remove the magic from the movies.Quite a feat what with all the CGI these days.

Here is a link to the latest trailer for Ant Man; enjoy.
Ant Man Trailer

Monday, 27 April 2015

Beginnings Again

Like a caterpillar in a chrysalis I am in a period of change; but what colour will my wings be? This blog is in the process of alteration as is my brain. Days are long, and then the night comes quickly. Sometimes I yearn for company only to wish I was alone. The world hurries past me in the television that is the kitchen window. I am the viewer, and the critic; I don't want to be part of the story.I create the story.

On a Tuesday evening the Poetry Society hold an open mic session in the Poetry Cafe dans le Londinium. I have a plan to become a member of the Poetry Society, write some poems, and then foolishly attend an open mic session and release my musings to the collective.

If you wish to try and write a play then I urge you to take a peek at Pint-Sized Plays, who have launched their annual competition. The rules are simple, you write a play of between 5 and 10 minutes, with little set and few actors, and then those selected will be entered into the competition proper and performed. Imagine, if you will, a play being performed in a small pub and you will have the correct mental attitude to enter. It looks like a good deal of fun and I am certainly going to be entering with my latest creation.

Blogs are becoming far more visual, so here is a picture taken in Florence, Italy, circa 2014.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Seasalter in Kent; May 2014

Seasalter is a village in Kent located between Faversham and Whitstable. It came to prominence in the Iron Age for salt production; its marshes were drained for salt production in the 18th Century.

These photos of the beach overlooking the Isle of Sheppey were taken on a blustery afternoon and then inverted at the website

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

40's and Mr Spielberg

I have hit forty (although in my head I am still 23, not sure why 23, it wasn't a stand-out year particularly...1995...), well I hit forty about eighteen months ago and slowly the sun has risen on my adulthood and the dawning made me realise

                            Bugger. I'M GETTING OLD.

I panicked, as you do; I looked at my life so far, in a kind of never-ending re-run of episodes most of which I would like to forget (apart from the good ones obviously, trouble with flashbacks they tend to be bad!). I spent an awful long time staring at my enlarging belly and wondering what it was all for. 

In short: I stopped.

Then at the turn of this year I started again. 2013 went with a whimper, it sort of disappeared into a black hold of nothingness; 2014 began and the older wiser me thought:

                     BUGGER THIS, LET'S GET STARTED.

Started with what though? I stare at a screen and pretend to be a writer; I work for an organisation that couldn't organise a...well you must know the phrase; I love doing things creative but seem to start projects and never see them through. So what did I want to start?

So I wrote a letter to Steven Spielberg saying thank you for my childhood memories, and guess what...
since then I have written a play about World War One; a play about modern love that I may turn into a monologue; a short story for children that will include the space for their own illustrations; an idea that I want to take to the Brighton Fringe Festival next year; a collection of short stories based around a ring and I have a business idea that I want...nay take further so that I can leave the infernal burdensome job that I really cry inside about every time I walk into the office. 

Just that one simple letter got me started again. I think I may write another letter to someone else and see how that inspires.

No reply from Mr Spielberg as yet, but who knows.

Zac Thraves. Currently reading Mark Kermode; currently watching House of Cards; currently cooking tuna pasta bake; currently wearing a scarf for a tie.