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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Having come up with an idea for a new set of adventures I'm getting frustrated with myself because I cannot seem to start the project; I have written copious notes for a new set of stories moulding Indiana Jones with teenage girl fiction, but it is proving to be a hard slog and I just seem to lack steam when it comes to sitting down to write.
Does this happen to others and if so is it because the subject matter has not inspired yet?

I love the concept and feel it could work, chapter 1 has been written but part of me wants to get straight into the adventure before doing all the introductions. Unsure whether or not to go along this route and write the book almost backwards.

The Writer's Retreat is a new writers group based in Tunbridge Wells. We currently have four members with more following on Face Book. We really welcome members and would love to set up an on-line community. Please find us at FB and join, then post anything that you like. They have helped me so far in many ways and it is because of the group that I have knuckled down to write chapter 1.

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