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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

39 Years and 6 Hours

 Two hours after the witching hour I came into the world. 1972; the year of the Watergate scandal; of the Munich Olympics and the year Atari released the first arcade game: Pong.
I was born into a world of flared trousers, ridiculous hair and television sets that you needed to get out of your chair to turn over. A world where Morecambe and Wise were huge and Derby County were league champions. How times have changed.
 Over the years so many people have influenced me in my life. Family members and what we now deem to call 'celebrities'. Above, my Auntie Gladys, a writer, sitting here giving me a pep-talk that I can still remember.
To the right, my dad and me (and now I seem to have his hair-do!)
 Here, my grandad, cousin Jim and BF Dan; grandad long since died but the three of us now much changed from this photo. I still wear a  tie though.

Up to now, 2011. A birthday party with my daughter
Alicia in the background just waiting to get her hands of the cake.

Dangerous I know but I have spent the last few hours reflecting on how life has changed. So much has happened and still I am yet to hit 40 (!); looking back gives you a wonderful sense of where you are now and how much you still have to achieve. The memories that come flooding through just by stopping and thinking. I had to do an exercise the other day for my writing course and we were asked to write down everything that happened in our lives, from there you can take bits and pieces and create stories. I was amazed at how much had happened but also by how much I could remember; smells; feelings and sights. We have beautiful lives and should take this one chance we have with both hands.

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