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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Music & Lyrics

Music...what does that word mean to people? How important is it?

To some music is a method of relaxation; it is a form of creative expression; it is a pick-me-up, a tonic to the constant drone of life; it is a medium, collecting noises together that compliment each other and forming a cohesive sound; it is business; it is day-job; it is way to gather friends together in the same room in appreciation; it can help form judgments of others.

It is all these things and many more but one thing that music can do is create an emotion. Some pieces are so sad that you feel lonely, it speaks your language, echoes your thoughts. At other times pieces of music can be so uplifting that you want to reach for the sun. We sing and laugh and dance; we cry and hurt and sink.
Music is as beautiful as a perfectly written piece of prose or a budding flower in the sun.

I have recently had the wonderful experience of hearing a set of lyrics I wrote performed to music. A few months ago I wrote something that wasn't a poem, nor a story, it was a collection of words put together in a sort of rhyme. I am not musical, I dabble at the guitar and tinkle at the piano, but I would never have the courage to perform to others.
I am lucky enough to have friends who do perform and are very good musicians indeed.  Karl Haynes writes some beautiful songs that he shares on reverbnation. I am lucky enough to know him and hope he achieves success very soon.

Alice Rose is another very young and very talented musician and it was she who took my lyrics and transformed them into something quite stunning indeed.

She invited me to her house as part of our writer's group meeting and shared with us two songs; one she had written recently and the one based on the lyrics I had sent to her. The experience was absolutely amazing and now I wish I had recorded it on my phone. To hear something you have written come to life like that is a truly unique wonder. I'm used to hearing others perform plays that I have written, but this was something completely different. As I sat there for the three minutes or so I was enthralled, not only by her fantastic voice but at how my words had altered, brought into colour from the black and white collection of words on my computer.

I struggled to believe that I had written it.

Tunbridge Wells and the South-East has a very vibrant music scene that seems to just sit below the radar. The Grey Lady is a venue that welcomes new, local performers; acoustic sessions, jazz bands or new music. It has a growing reputation and it needs local support. Not only has Karl performed there, but Alice to and many young singers or bands get a spot under the banner of Paul Dunton and Guests.

As the fear of the music industry continues, what with The X-Factor dominating and sales falling; I am lifted by the talent that still appears as if from nowhere. I hope that Karl, Alice, Paul and others receive the notice that they deserve, the signs are good and the industry appears to be turning a corner.

Long live independent music!

Verse 1
I sit and listen to the radio
To tell me which way I should go
There’s nothing I know

I lay at night and listen to you breathe
In your darkness nothing I can see
But my dreams

(A taster of the song I heard)

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