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Friday, 10 February 2012

New Book and new writing: following the lead of the Kindle revolution.

With Kindle sales increasing, this is the time for aspiring writers to get out there; take the chance and join the revolution.

This morning I sat down to write a new book. I have had the idea brewing for a while as some of it is based loosely on me. I searched through my files and found Sea of Ribbons a novel that I had started to write. Basically, the idea was that there was this guy who tried to commit suicide but his dog saved him. He then spent all the rest of the book in hospital as we found out why he wanted to do what he did.
Not bad, I thought, but it needs more. This time the main character is a woman, though the general story is the same. She is not saved by her dog, but she is saved and she does go to hospital. As the story unfolds we read of a passionate love story that was always doomed to tragedy; as this woman tries to remember who she is in the real world, while her dreams tell fill in the blanks, but can we believe them?

She didn’t want to be saved; yet she was and now she has to re-live everything that has happened in order to remember who she is. Why did she insist on taking a lethal overdose? What led her to do such a thing when she still had so much to live for? As she remembers what happened, she is followed by a dancing sea of ribbons; always with her, pointing her in the right direction.

The first bit of blurb for the book. 

I like writing strong women characters and I feel that there still are not enough of them. A play I have recently written, which is through to round 2 of http://www.redplanetpictures.co.uk/, called Buttercups and Daisies, focusses on a young mother who is driven to murder as she becomes increasingly frustrated trying to keep up with life's expectations. This was originally a play that I was going to put on myself but felt that it adapted well for television. When I wrote I like putting my thoughts into a woman's mind; I felt it gave her as a character an edge of unpredictability. She wasn't going to go off and talk about football or 'birds' but she did come at things from my point of view, that could be masculine. I'm not a great believer in all of the differences we have with each other, we are all human after all (some of us anyway!), there is no reason why a female character cannot be written by a male writer; though does it happen often? I don't actually know the answer to that.

At last, I have been bitten by the writing bug again, the same as I was when Pirates Vs Fairies was taking up my every thought. Sea of Ribbons is a definite goer and I can't wait to get it out there and get some reaction. 

Happy writing....

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