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Monday, 4 June 2012


The wonderful poetry of the group Elbow and the beautiful elegiac and haunting music of Lippy Kids that echo how most men must feel; yearning for the youth of today who linger on the street corners to acknowledge that those long summer nights of apparent boredom are golden; that you will never get these back, that from the moment you leave school and head into the dark recesses of the world of work you will no longer have those nights.
 I remember my own childhood when I hear that song, how we filled the days of the school holiday with dreams about our future; we made films, we played football and we listened to music; we cycled around in circles for no apparent reason. we didn't have games consoles, my computer was a Spectrum +, great at the time but it took so long to load that you would go and have your dinner while the game loaded into the computer.

I'm sure my own father looked at me wasting time, just as his father probably did with him and I will do with my own son; but those days of freedom never return.

Lyrics: "Lippy kids on the corner again. Do they know those days are golden. Build a rocket boys." Perfectly remind me of those memories, of hanging around in the woods, climbing trees, running around, building camps.

Build a rocket boys...

Lippy Kids live at Blueprint Studios

Mixed reviews for Prometheus are disappointing, still going to see it but was expecting something amazing, as were all the critics by the sounds of things. Prequels eh, they never seem to work; look at Dumb and Dumberer, or The Phantom Menace.

Pirates Vs Fairies gets its first reading at a school in Mereworth on Friday 15th June. I will be selling signed copies of the paperback version while I am there. Really looking forward to seeing what the reaction will be, though extremely nervous! Never, ever done anything like this before, and it is all my own words. Still, chosen two action packed chapters that should highlight the tone of the book as well giving the actor inside me something to chew on.

I shall go for it.

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