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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Olympics Opening Ceremony

What an amazing show the opening to the Olympics was; all hail to Danny Boyle. The director of Sunshine; the director of 28 Days Later and from the writer and director of Millions: funny that these three facts are not mentioned in the usual blurb but here are three stylish and far more fitting films to the vision of the Olympic ceremony than Slumdog or Trainspotting. It was an epic ceremony, with a wonderfully composed and confident Sir Kenneth Branagh delivering a quite astonishing performance of The Tempest:
"Be not afeard: the Isle is full of noises." 

From Branagh's heart-stopping and inspiring performance we had the the transition of a green and beautiful Britain to the Industrial Revolution. It was indeed epic; a wonderful feat of theatrical technicality that proved once and for all that anything is possible. It brought shivers to the the back of my neck, it made me feel proud of this country's achievements. And all of that before Bond. 

What a magisterial way to introduce Her Majesty. James Bond, footsteps echoing in the halls of Buckingham Palace, walks into a room and coughs. There she is, and for those of us expecting Helen Mirren, or some other double to turn around were completely entranced when The Queen turned to Mr Craig to deliver a most wonderful line'
"Good evening Mr Bond."

Top that with J K Rowling and a tribute to the mastery of our music over the decades and we had the most amazing opening, the most British opening, the most quirky and inspiring and creative opening that I have ever seen. Even better than the drummers of Beijing; far better than the jetpack of LA. This was pure theatre and showed the world what we have given them and what we can give them. I felt that the whole world should have turned to Britain and taken a bow.

I hope that Her Majesty was proud.

So where from here? Well Cavendish was out-muscled; we still  have overpaid and over-opinionated footballers and we still have very little in the way of a film industry. But soon we'll have Judge Dredd on our screens, and then we will have James Bond back. 

I wonder if The Queen will make an appearance in Skyfall?

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