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Thursday, 16 August 2012

Searching for Heaven

In recent weeks I have been travelling the globe; yesterday I was at the Olympic village in Beijing and then took a stroll along The Great Wall of China. On Tuesday I was in Bolivia and then searched through the forests of Peru to try and find Machu Picchu. Monday was a jolly day, I travelled along Hollywood Boulevard, taking in the Roosevelt Hotel, Mann's Chinese Theater and then up to the Hollywood Bowl.

Ofcourse, if I had my own private jet this could all happen in reality, what I did, you have probably guessed, was travel via Google Maps.

During these lean times, travelling has taken a back seat for me. I'd love to go away on a nice holiday to somewhere warm, but I haven't got the finances (please buy my book!!). So, in desperation to appease my curious mind I have taken to travelling on Google: to date, as well as the above places, I have been to Menorca, Paris, St Etienne, Barcelona, Cairo, Tunisia, Syria (far safer to do it on Google), Japan, Hawaii, New York, Chicago, San Fransisco, Menorca, Italy oh well, pretty much as many places as I can remember. I also found hell, which sparked a search for me.

Click here to go to Hell

Hell, the place, is in Norway. It looks quite remote and is probably not on many tourist destinations or package tours. But, my mind asked, if there is a Hell, there must be a Heaven to contrast. Well, not that I could see. Instead I thought Heaven must come under another name. So I searched and discovered that of course, the answer is so simple: Heaven is what you believe. It could be Bethlehem or Jerusalem; it could be Giza; it could be Athens or Rome or home or even the stock exchange in New York for the capitalists. It is wherever you want it to be.

Heaven is a place on Earth, as Belinda Carlisle once reminded us through the power of song; it is a place in your heart; perhaps Heaven could be something as simple as looking out of your window.


I am currently putting together a collection of poems that I have written over the last four years; most of it deals with my thoughts and personal issues at the time as well as how I came through. Some of it is very dark. I am not publishing this for money-making reasons, but for some reason I wish to release it. Some it my poems are on poetrysoup.com and some were published on Hubpages, but I have since taken them off to allow me this opportunity. While I continue to write Sea of Ribbons, I really wanted to release something from me: perhaps this is a bridge in preparation for Sea of Ribbons, which is totally different to Pirates Vs Fairies. I don't know, but keep a look out and I will post when the poetry, entitled Twenty-Eight, is released.

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