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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Synopsis for new Kindle release

Here is the synopsis(or book blurb) for new book Sea of Ribbons, a story of depression, suicide and ultimately hope.

She didn’t want to be saved; yet she was and now she has to re-live everything that has happened in order to remember who she is. Why did she insist on taking a lethal overdose? What led her to do such a thing when she still had so much to live for? As she remembers what happened, she is followed by a dancing sea of ribbons; always with her, pointing her in the right direction, or to another farewell.

I started writing this book three years ago and originally the main character was a male. However, since changing the character to a woman the story has really opened up. The book has four parts, with part one dealing with the patient; part two with the nurse and part three with the lover. Part four is the finale and brings everything together.

The book is available soon for download only on Kindle at this stage. Further announcements of availability will be decided as time goes on.

The book asks questions about what makes us happy and what drives one person to want to die and another to want to live. Albert Camus proposed that each morning, when we wake up we face our toughest decision: to live or to die. It is in this book that those questions are asked of the characters.

Sea of Ribbons.
Coming Soon.

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