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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Rich People Always Go Jogging

It is a safe bet that most people that you may see or know in your area keep fit; when I drive along Forest Road, which is a particularly affluent area of Tunbridge Wells with enormous houses that could easily be passed off as a castle or keep, housing most of the inhabitants of a small compound, I see many joggers. Now these are mainly women (obviously in our democratic and diverse society that we like to promote to other societies the man still goes to work and the woman stays at home), they are primarily older women too (success cannot come to those who are too young to appreciate it) and they are super-trim; super-fit with a glowing tan to suit.

Now I am not saying that this is wrong; there is a socialist bug sitting on my shoulder bemoaning that all of this is unfair. But I will not listen, because the actual truth is that those who are succeeding in their lives have something that a good many people do not:

 DRIVE. There are good many of us who get home at a reasonable time from a days work and do what? Stick the TV on; go to the pub; eat in front of the TV then follow it on with chocolate and a few glasses of wine before heading to bed with a sore head thinking negatively about the following day. I know a few people who just get through the week on the promise that Friday they will hit the pub and drink enormous amounts of alcohol, that is their reward.

So I ask: is there not more reward by doing more? Even if you do shift-work, a simple use of time-management means that you can get more from your day. Think of the reward to yourself if, instead of getting drunk or watching the gloom of Eastenders, you went for a light jog or a swim. Perhaps you would go on-line and do that course you've always wanted to do. You could join a class and do yoga; learn philosophy or paint. You could even re-take GCSE's or A Levels in your spare time. Yes it all costs money, but if that extra work meant that you moved a little further up the ladder then isn't that worth it?

Watching Eastenders won't help you win that promotion at work or give you management experience.

There is a different mindset to those that are successful (and those are the ones we seem to hate because of their success, the green-eyed-monster?), and those who are not. It takes your body a very small amount of time to re-adjust to a different way of working. Yes you may be tired to start with, but your brain will DRIVE you forward. A goal is there to be reached.


There is a theory that if you want success then you should mimic those that you want to emulate. Instead of looking at the richer set in our society and thinking why always them maybe you should be thinking that is me, I will be jogging one sunny Wednesday morning because I have the time for myself to do that.

To change the way you think does take effort; to be successful at what you are doing does take effort. I know not everyone can do it but if you should find yourself complaining about how unfair it is that other people enjoy the spoils then remember one thing: a very high percentage of those people have worked hard and earned it.

You can do that too.

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