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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Business of Creativity

I have just finished  reading The Business of Creativity by Michael Jacobsen, who is one of the founding co-producers of the stage version of Dirty Dancing; if you are like me and wish to start a business in the creative sector, yet are not particularly business-minded, then I highly recommend that you read this book. It spoke to me in a language that was professional but not patronising, something that I have found in other business books. What I like about his style is that he tells you when something is important, almost as if you are in a classroom and he is speaking to you. Creative people are known for rushing into things and then losing interest halfway, something for which I am guilty of too; this book has enabled me to look at my business idea from a different point of view without losing my sense of creativity, which is something that I fear. Indeed, the tagline and thought for this book is how to succeed without losing your creative streak. It is a very practical guide, using success stories along the way and listing very useful websites to help you with things like tax (ugh!) and marketing (oh!). It also gives you an insight into finding a mentor and an investor, as well as a good guide to start-up sites.
If you are thinking of selling your works of art, your crafts, putting on a show or something similar, then you can learn a lot from this Michael Jacobsen.

The Business of Creativity by Michael Jacobsen. Published by Brightword Harriman House. 2013.

On another note, I have noticed that Kevin Spacey is moving rep theatre into television. I have recently been watching season one of House of Cards on Netflix and was amazed, heartended, gladdened, surprised, to see so many names involved with the project. Mr Spacey has called upon David Fincher to co-produce and direct (who cast him in Se7en); Joel Schumacher to direct some episodes (who directed Mr Spacey in A Time To Kill); Jodie Foster and his very own co-star Robin Wright to direct an episode each. This is a great series and I am quickly catching on to the next stage of entertainment that would be streaming of episodes or movies. I feel it won't be long until we will be losing DVD in much the same way as we lost VHS. Still, people of my age will long to see a clunky VHS player again.

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