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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

How to be Free

Is there such a thing as FREEDOM?

Think about the word for a time and figure out how free you are. Are you in a relationship? Are you a parent? Do you work for an organisation? Do you have a mortgage or a loan? What is yours and yours alone?

It is when I ask myself these questions that I wonder how free we all are. We are told by our government that we have freedom of movement and speech and we are democratic, but is that the truth?

Freedom of movement: this is not true in the sense that we all have freedom of movement. Only in a controlled sense of the word. Freedom of movement means that you can travel to another country so long as you fulfil certain obligations, you pass through certain controls and you don't take with you certain items. That's progress for you.

Freedom of speech: again this is untrue. If we live in a country where a scientist can be forced to resign for saying something that a portion of the population don't agree with; or a celebrity can be victimised for stating their opinion; or an organisation has to use disclaimers; or a person is sacked for wearing a Christian cross; or people are victimised for being mentally ill. This list could go on, and it does not give me any clear indication that we live in a society where we have freedom of speech. We have freedom to state an opinion, but then we have to suffer the consequences.

Democracy: how can we state that we are democratic when the majority of the population did not vote for the current government? How can we state that we are democratic when we have CCTV cameras following our every move? We have people arrested for demonstrating?

All of the above is rather simplistic I know, but there is one thing that controls all of this:


We are not free because we are bound by money. We are not democratic because money makes the decisions. We cannot move freely because we need money which is the only currency. Interesting to see that the nudist climbers where asked to pay in buffalo. In the end it was money that got them out.

Just take a moment to imagine a world where money was no longer required. How does it look?

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