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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Just a Little Something about Writer's Block

Stuck for inspiration? It often happens and the thought of writing feels like a giant wall that you do not have the energy to climb over. But what is the answer?

I today feel as if I have nothing to say; I have three stories on the go and all of them I am stuck on. There is a synopsis that I am trying to write and it feels as if I am running through treacle. It makes no sense no matter what I do. I want to put pen to paper but my brain is out of ideas.

So what do I write? This blog entry, at least that way it gets me writing and gives me some kind of therapeutic satisfaction.

And if the words still fail me, then I will fill the blog with pictures, or share a poem that I had written a little while back.

The thing is that the muse will always come back to you; it just leaves for a little lie down here and there. It needs to rest, only to take up the gauntlet and run with the next crazy idea that flops into your head.

There is nothing worse than staring at a blank screen.

The pure whiteness of it is enough to drive you mad, a bit like snow-blindness; so fill it with colour and add a picture or two.

 This is Splintered Cinema showing Perfume: The Story of a Murderer at Bower Place in Maidstone. The film is very odd, and has a rather peculiar conclusion, but the audience appeared to enjoy it.
One day I will own my own cinema, and it will be roughly like this little gem in Bath. The Little Theatre looks very much like the Oast in Tonbridge internally, and it offers great films in a oddly beautiful location. One day, I will be the owner of such a cinema, and I will screen classics for all my friends to come and view.

So, when faced with writer's block, write about what you know and what you would like; after all, it is better to write something than nothing at all and it might put you in the mood to do something else: a vlog perhaps, or a small film reading one of your poems. Search the net and see if anything takes your fancy, and then write about it. You can always go back to that project tomorrow, it won't go anywhere and sometimes a rest is just as good as writing 500 words of nonsense.

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