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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Under the Moon, a poem and some inspiration

Under the moon is

Where my heart lies;

Beneath the stars

In the darkening skies.

Greatness sits deeply

In your (myopic) eyes,

And sets as the sun

Falls gently and sighs.

Deep in your heart,

In your blood and veins

There is an eternal longing

That will ease you from pain.

Open your arms and

Let the moon in,

The light will carry you

And so the journey begins.


A little poem that I wrote while at work. It is funny where the muse comes from, I tend to do a lot of writing and gain a lot of inspiration when I am busier, and find it difficult to concentrate in the quiet of home.

When I write at home I am constantly on the move, getting up, pacing around the room, making coffee, staring out of the window. However at work I cannot do that, and find a moments solitude to sit at the pc and write a couple of hundred words, or a quick poem.

I find that inspiration can come from anywhere though, it doesn’t matter where you are and somehow it strikes. For instance, I am in the maddening throes of writing another children’s adventure novel and have hit a bit of a brick wall, but I am not panicking over it as I know that at some point, as so long as I keep a notebook with me, I will be struck by how the story progresses.

I have written notes on the complete novel but am in a bit of a quandary, I read some advice once and I can’t think who it was from that if you hit a flat moment in your book then you add something dramatic. Well, I have done that but have reached a situation that I have put the heroine in that I can’t work out how to get her out of it and why. Perhaps at some point I will share it on this blog and ask for some sage advice.

In the meantime, keep writing everyone. Whatever it is that you are working on, whether it is fiction or fact, keep writing and always carry a notebook around with you, because you never know where that next big idea is going to land.

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