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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Living in a Shaking World

The World shakes

I have recently decided to come off of my medication; this is generally because I don’t want to be tied to false hope all of the time and I wish to wrestle back control of my life. The trouble is that there are side effects, and this was to be expected. However, in recent days I have been feeling dizzy and I was not aware that this would be one of the side effects of stopping taking the drugs.

It is a strange sensation, it makes me feel sick and uncertain of myself. The world around me seems to shudder for moments at a time, as if a small quake is taking place. My eyes feel as if they are unable to take in the world around me, they struggle to focus on what is ahead of me and I cannot concentrate. It is a little like being drunk, but all of the time, and not in a good way. It is the strangest sensation, and if I were drinking I would expect it, but I am off the sauce so can’t even blame that. There is only one explanation, the drugs and lack thereof.

I was expecting to feel ill as I did when I went on them all that time ago. But this is something different and not very pleasant. Hopefully it won’t last very long just as it didn’t when I started this course of drugs. For about three days I felt sick and could not eat much, so if this lasts for longer than three days then I may have to visit the docs.

The world is a strange enough place anyway, without it shuddering every fifteen minutes.  After all, if shuddering is not bad enough we will all be banned from travelling soon as well.

I am one of those people who signed the petition to ban Donald Trump from being invited to a state visit to the UK. Of course, I signed it in the knowledge that it won’t come to fruition, after all, we have a government that has no backbone and a prime minister who simply smiles when all around her is a collapsing into a pile of shit, I think they refer to her as measured. But it says something when half a million people sign a petition in one day after the ridiculous decision by President Trump to ban certain countries from entering the US. What is that hoping to achieve, apart from worldwide derision? I know that some Americans can be portrayed as being a little challenged in the brain cell department but this is taking it to another level!

On another disastrous note, Peter Capaldi is leaving Doctor Who. So who should follow in his footsteps? I was dismayed, actually distraught to hear that Miranda Hart was one of the favourites to take his place. Now, this is not in any way because she is a woman and Doctor Who has always been played by a man, but please, Miranda Hart? Of all the actors in all the world and the only woman on the list is the slapstick Miranda Hart? That would not be right, and I hope that this is not going to be the case. She may be funny to some people, but I personally am not a fan and it would ruin my enjoyment of Doctor Who if Miranda Hart became the keeper to the Tardis keys.

In my opinion I think they should go for a relative unknown who can make the part his (or her) own; someone who is new to the scene like David Tennant was and Matt Smith. It gave an edge and unpredictability to the character that has sadly been lacking as of late.

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