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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Poem: A Chance to Dream

In the hot bed of still life a chance was made into a dream

And within that realm of superficial ideology

Your breath tenderly touched my cheek.

Be liked-minded, they cried as I slept and

Revealed the innermost desires of your brain.

Hold forth and create an opportunity before

The end can justify its existence.

Yet by the power that lies deep within a heart

And the loneliness that enwraps itself around you

Can we not forgive to forget and learn to appease each other.

You cried last night, as I watched you sleeping and

A tear fell from my eye into the cup of your hand.

Within that grasp lay the hidden thoughts of

A thousand years; yet you let go, and released

It into the unknown, out, out to the far away land.

A soft bellow of pain fell from your lips

As if a razor had been cast across your hand

 And a glimmer of blood careered downwards

Towards the gates of hell that lay on the floor

Wide open and expectant, like a giant mouth

Angry for food like your eyes, full as

A moon on a crisp winter’s night.

If it wasn’t for the fact that there is love

Hanging in the air, a Chinese lantern,

Then you would not be able to see me

Untrue lies mask the depth that is in your sky

Unfortunate apparel clings to your skin as if

Wet with a natural disaster. Keep on the hunt

As Steed would do when in the room with Emma Peel,

And never give up the occasional smoke for

Freedom, which is no longer an existential reality.

So hang low, and allow your feet to drag for now,

In the distance there is a chance for another dream,

 And you can learn to drive towards it, at last

When you breathe.

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