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Friday, 30 June 2017

Random Thoughts on the Human Race

Where has the human race got to?

If you begin to think of the technical and industrial advancements that the humans have managed over the course of two hundred years, and indeed, of the last thirty years in terms of computers and software, it begs a question within my tiny mind:

Why does emotional and intelligent advancement remain so stilted?

We could be, and in my view should be, in a society where the humans have advanced to a level where things as petty as war, borders, control, are subjects that you learn in school as you pour over human history. Yet, one hundred years after the war to end all wars, we are all still fighting each other for territory, religion and money.

So much for the Enlightenment.

Right now, on this planet, we have world leaders who care nothing for the advancement of the human race and only for their own needs. There is no good and evil, if you don’t care about a fellow human, regardless of your colour, race or beliefs, you are evil. If you have a political party that is blocking the advancement of society for all, then you are evil. If you stop good people from entering your country and place invisible walls up in the name of protection, then you are evil.

You are controlling when we are meant to be free; you are greedy when we are meant to selfless.

It does make you think how this is benefitting the human race.

We have companies complaining that prices are rising and how this will affect their profits, and then in the next breath announcing billions in profit; yet, we have human beings starving and in need of shelter, these are two things that every living thing on Earth has a necessity for and we are denying it to our own race in the name of money. We have a government who can’t afford to keep its citizens safe in tower blocks, but can afford to bribe another political party to prop up its own.

The world is broken, our world is broken. When we are all gone having wiped each other out of existence the planet will continue to turn and the sun will continue to burn and all of the remaining animals will continue to go about their daily routine. So is all of this greed and profit really worth it?

But that’s enough about the world that is painted to us by the media and other outlets, which is a kind of self-harm process, what about getting things right?

I am beginning to understand that the primary things which we are built on is emotion and what we have learned; they control our thoughts, actions; determine our decisions and give us reason to lead out into the day. We each have desires and goals, and (shock!) some of these don’t involve anything financial. Yet, in order for us to achieve our aims in this modern world, we need to have the resources at our disposal to make that happen.

Some of those resources you can learn or already have, and then you need the one final piece of the jigsaw, MONEY.

So in order to be happy, I would guess, you have to be rich in a wide variety of ways. As far as I can see it, being rich financially is just one small piece of the full picture. The most important aspects for being rich are to be emotionally involved in your world and to be intellectually interested in it. Without emotion and intelligence, the human race is pretty much an unevolved species that serves no point to anything.

It is worth taking the time to look at the world through a different lense  and working out your own point of view. If you create a clear strategy in life in which to combat the onslaught of negativity, or the bombardment of bad news, then this would go some way partly to giving you your own unique viewpoint to which you can make decisions which matter to you.

These decisions which you undertake will be based on your emotional and intellectual response to the world which you see every day.

I would then imagine that in taking control of your thoughts and actions, you would be going some way to creating a world that you wish to see, a world that is rich, full of potential, rewarding to you and open to your needs. By cancelling out the world which you are being fed by various media outlets, a world that is not as bad as we are being told and not on the brink of self-destruction, we can come together as one emotional and intelligent force which speaks the truth and moves us on to the next level of development.

We are stuck in a cycle of war, greed and poverty. The human race can be better than this, it will take a change in how we view the world and how we want our society to be in order to make that happen.

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