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Monday, 18 April 2011

Interesting article in the New York Times supplement from the Observer: Which Gadgets to Use, and Which Ones to Lose, by Sam Grobart.
What I find useful about this is the speed with which technology is moving and how we can embrace it. Everything we have or had is being replaced by on-line applications and it is a chance to de-clutter.
Things to Lose
Desktop PC - laptops can do it all these days and while you're on the move. Desktops could fast become a thing of the past.
Point-and-shoot Camera - phones are becoming the better option and then you can quickly and easily share what you have done.
Camcorder - as above.
USB Stick - on-line storage applications are changing everything, now all your documents could be accessible wherever you are.
MP3 Player - again, you have a phone.

I think as a writer a lot of this is important, especially when it comes to storage and having the fear that everything you've written could be lost. It's also becoming a lot easier to share blogs, ideas, etc with groups using phones, linking to the internet rather than texting, which is another form of communication that could be on the way out.

What was warming about the piece was that Mr Grobart deemed books worth keeping. He agreed that E-Readers are amazing and could become more dominant, but the durability of a book is something that will never alter. Unless they develop an e-reader that is waterproof, damage proof and you're able to read in the bath. Plus books mean we have libraries, which are very important and should be cherished for future generations.

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