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Friday, 15 April 2011

Interesting how you find different things on the web each time you look. I liked the site for http://www.poeticrepublic.com/?gclid=CLPYuvDgnqgCFYEc4QodG2eMHg

They run a competition, seems to be every month, and though there is a £6 entry fee that some of us struggling artists cannot afford, there is a hefty prize and the judges are you.

The concept sounds good, not sure how long it has been up and running, but I like the idea of fellow writers judging work, even if I am slightly concerned that comments won't be constructive as on some sites. But it would be worth giving it a go.

Similar in a way to Poetry Soup, which runs a lot of competitions and tasks that can hone a poets art. Another site worth looking at.

On another note, currently listening to James Blake new album absolutely fantastic, haunting, melodic, dramatic and eerie. It has a real sense of power, poetry and rhythm. 

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