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Monday, 26 September 2011

Channel 4 Talent

Thanks to fellow writer and Writers Retreat member Alice Barnard for the following link to a Channel 4 script writing contest; the closing date for this is November 1st and the prize is entry to a course that will help develop scripts for submission to television, theatre or radio producers. (A small fee, it says, is paid to any who attend.)

This is a great opportunity. as part of 4Talent and it is encouraging that a TV station is continuing to nurture new talent. channel 4 have had a long history of doing this though and it is shame that others don't follow suit. I suppose, in this harsh reality of TV ratings wars, it is difficult to justify airing something not produced by Simon Cowell or having the words Doctor and Who in the title.

Having said that, the amount of poor sitcoms at the moment...(don't go there again. ed.)

I thank  the powers-that-be at Channel 4 for this wonderful idea and opportunity for us unread, unheard and unseen writers who continue to dream that the next collection of words coming from our heads onto the page is going to be THE ONE.

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