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Monday, 19 September 2011


Grateful to find an article in yesterdays Sunday Times for a new form of publishing at Unbound.


This could be the next step in the increasingly changing world of publishing for authors. What makes it work (in a way) is that you pitch your idea on the website and readers/authors contribute to the publication. It has already got Terry Jones involved and could mark a step away from the frustration of approaching publishing houses when you are a first-time writer. It could also have its pitfalls, one notable one being that it could increase average publishing in saturated market, but I like to look at this as another alternative, a move forward from self-publishing.
Already a book intrigues me and I am considering offering my support to her; it is a book entitled Unbelievable by Jennifer Pickup. I hope that she finds enough funding to complete her project.

As a first-time writer myself I see this as a wonderful way to garner attention for that idea that burns inside. Though the site doesn't appear to offer a feedback option as writers forums might, it could be a useful resource for writers all over the world and help the revolution into e-books that is taking place.
Watch this space as the future of writing and publishing continues to evolve.

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