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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Going out today to as many local media as I can think of...


Pirates Vs Fairies is a magical, swashbuckling, romantic adventure book for children of all ages; now available at Amazon.co.uk for Kindles and Kindle Apps.

Uneasy peace has fallen across the world. 

After years of fighting between fairies, pirates and dinosaurs, a curtain has fallen over the eternal war and each race has limped away to lick its wounds. 

Now, under the terrible rule of Fairy King Tobias a new rebellion has occurred. The queen has fled her husband, taking with her a band of fairies who share her same belief: that everyone can live in peace together.
But her son and the young heir to the throne has suddenly gone missing. 

Capden Den, pirate and rogue, hearing the news of this and needing to pay his debts to his arch-rival Dodgy Dave, goes in search of the fairy prince in order to collect the King’s reward and free his crew from the debt that has befallen them…

Pitting daring pirates against dastardly fairies and ruthless dinosaurs, this is a brilliantly imaginative, old-fashioned fairytale set in a magical land where anything can happen.

Pirates Vs Fairies is written by Zac Thraves, a local author and actor. Zac has been performing on stage since the age of nine, making his first appearance at The Assembly Hall Theatre in ‘Annie Get Your Gun’. Since then he has become an active member of The Oast Theatre and is regularly seen performing with a local murder mystery company. Zac has also worked at the BBC and appeared as a dancer in Oscar-winner The King’s Speech.

Writing is Zac’s passion and he has spent the last few years completing his first book for publication. Zac has written many stage plays which have been performed locally and in other counties; he has also had an exhibition of poetry displayed at Tunbridge Wells Library. Pirates Vs Fairies is Zac Thraves’ first book to be published and he hopes to write a sequel in the next few years.

Zac writes regularly for Staying In/Going Out magazine and also runs a blog: www.zacthraves.blogspot.com

Pirates Vs Fairies is available at all Amazon stores for download.

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