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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Pirates Vs Fairies now available


I am extremely excited and pleased to confirm that Pirates Vs Fairies, my book for children of all ages, is now available on Amazon Kindle as a download. After many months of pondering over the decision I decided to go ahead with the self-publishing route. Amazon and CreateSpace made the process so simple and it is easy to see why this type of publishing is becoming more and more popular. I will soon write blogs on how I made front covers and how I have made a book trailer, for now I will enjoy the momentum created by what I have done and that since going on sale I have sold 6 books (only 6 you say...up to then I had never sold any!).

Downloading a book from Amazon is very easy; first of all you need the Kindle App. If you have a Kindle then you can load it straight to your device, but if you have an Ipad, pc, android phone or any other tablet, then get the App from Amazon for free and load it on to your desktop; after that search for my book, Pirates Vs Fairies (with a capital V I'm afraid) and it will take seconds to load.

I hope to get 1,000 sales in the next four months, if I manage to get that and some positive feedback then I already have notes and a title for the sequel. So please, if you like the book, give it a rating on Amazon; or click that you like it, or drop me a line.


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