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Monday, 17 August 2015

Ghosts Make No Noise, a story

Ghosts make no noise, they are silent, standing behind you or over you; sometimes they are beneath you and you have no idea that they are there. Ghosts make no noise, but they smell. They touch your skin and send a shiver down your spine; they freeze a room in seconds and leave their own supernatural mark. The Battle of Britain happened over seventy years ago and it remains one of the greatest battles this country has fought; many lives were lost to save many more, and the Kent coast was first in line to meet the enemy of Nazi Germany.

If you go to the Battle of Britain Museum in Hawkinge in Kent, then you will bear witness to salvaged wreckage, uniforms, bullets, and cigarettes. All these objects contain memories in their make-up; they have finger prints etched into their framework. So if you go and feel cold, you will know that behind you, above you, or side by side to you, a pilot is standing watching your every move and hoping that you don’t forget him; remember, remember, remember.

The phantom airman was dressed in flying kit, consisting of a fur-trimmed leather jacket and blue trousers, with a safety vest over the top; he wore a flying helmet and had goggles over his eyes making him seem other-worldly, almost alien. An eerie glow possessed itself around him, and as he stands next to you, then he walks, away from you and towards the exit, before disappearing through a wall.
His kit appears British, so perhaps he is a friendly apparition, but he needs you to remember, remember, remember.

There is a wounded pilot staggering around the airfield dragging a parachute’ his plane must have been hit by enemy fire and if he could tell us, he would speak of the panic and the mayhem and  then the sound of the air all around him. The noise of engines roaring past him as he fell to the ground, unleashing his only means of safety, and making him fodder for enemy fire.

He must have landed in the airfield, confused and unable to stem the flow of blood coming from his wound. No-one knows who he is, yet he staggers around the airfield looking for safe haven.

Massive energy is located at the Battle of Britain Museum in Hawkinge, it is the place to find many artefacts of the Battle of Britain; many memories and fingerprints. Calling us to remember, remember, remember.

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