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Friday, 16 October 2015

New Book

In the last few weeks I have completed one book and started another. The completed book is Pirates Vs Fairies 2, which is going to be edited and self-published very soon. The new book is the Self-Harming Pacifist which I am publishing on-line at my blog.


It is a very personal story, none of which is true but some of which is based on actual happenings. I have chosen to go down a surreal path in the hope of expanding my imagination and my use of language. Writing is a lonely occupation, but a very enjoyable one and you have to do certain things to make yourself excited.

The Self-Harming Pacifist started life as a script, many years ago which has been lost in subsequent moves. I am searching in vain for it, as I really like it; as much of the story is fresh in the memory I am reconnecting myself to the story and wanted to share it for nothing with my friends. As it means so much to me, my only goal for this particular book is to share it.

Please visit the link above and have a read, each week there will be five hundred more words and each week you will learn something new about the Self-Harming Pacifist.

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