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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Poem entitled Crimson Heart

Here’s a little something that I wrote a short while ago,

Divulge in delinquent devilish dalliances

Crimson heart leaps from your mouth

An exciting skirmish, a never ending point

Of ecstasy.

Simple minds cannot contain the after-world.

They simply choose to be, and in that they

Buzz around their lives like a bumble bee.

Droning workers, intent on being content

And content with being intent

Destroying the land like a swarm of locusts

Devouring the heart as if it were a whimpering

Sleeping animal that beats no longer for freedom.

Supplying fresh meat for the archbishop

To eat in his sleep, and beat with his fists

While around him men weep as if they

Are in the presence of an angel and kneel

Before the lamb of God that hisses in

Apparent disgust at their foolishness.

Ghosts linger in the mind, like hanging

Chinese lanterns blustering in the breeze.

And they howl as the wind catches their tails

Leaving trails of mist from their mouths.

For now is the time for remorse.

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