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Friday, 17 February 2017

We all Have the Power to Change.

We all have the power to change. It only when we change that we can change the world. Tony Blair is currently on the media round discussing us all leaving Brexit and people rising up to challenge the notion put forward by our current government. What is he trying to do? It’s a little late for him to talk about democratic resolutions when he led us into a war that no-one wanted to be a part of. Where was the talk of asking the people then, and if the result wasn’t what he wanted to ask them again?

We all have the right to change our minds, but what Mr Blair is trying to do now is something that he completely failed to do when he was in office. He didn’t give us any choice, or a referendum which is what they like to call it, he gave us war and a phony war at that.

Now I’m not here to dis Tony Blair, I was one of his supporters many years ago when he first became leader of the Labour Party; yes, I was suckered in to the charismatic lies that he offered, not that he is any different to all the other politicians that have graced us with their presence ever since.

I remember reading an interview with him in GQ magazine and was struck by how much sense he seemed to make as a person. I then foolishly followed him as he brought the party to power and the became the first Labour Prime Minister to win three terms. How stupid I was to be led along by someone I saw as different, refreshing, young and dynamic. He fooled us, and now he is trying to fool us again by thinking we can win in a vote that has already happened, I mean, what if a second referendum leads to the same result, do we have a third and fourth until he gets the result that he wants?

We are out of Europe, it is that simple. But I will always consider myself as a European, as British, as English and as a member of the human race.

We are all one, when you look at the great scheme of things. If you had the opportunity to look at the planet Earth from the moon then would you really care about the borders that control each country? Would they seem so important? I would argue not, after all, the universe cares little for a stupid tiny man made border that controls whether or not a person can enter; let alone a wall to divide one country (USA) from another (Mexico).

If we all lived in this world as one then we would not have to think about wars, or debt, or borders and passports. All we would have to think about is our position in this universe and what would we do if the sun decided to suddenly blow up. That’s a big deal, not worrying over the deal for Brexit.

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