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Friday, 3 March 2017

Friday Thoughts

If you click on Google, and type in ‘companies who avoided paying tax in the UK’, one of the corporations that come up is…Google.  Joined by Facebook, Shell, Starbucks, Amazon, Lloyds Bank, E-Bay and Apple.

So what do we do when faced with such hard-balling by the big companies, do we stop using their services?

Or do we take the stance that they are actually playing the capitalist game and not the socialist one, where their money is for their own profit and should be theirs to do with as they wish; not allow a government to swallow it up, belch on it loudly, and then squander it on ministers pay-rises and half-arsed schemes that get nowhere?

If  you think about it in a another way, they are not the bad guys. These corporations are just sticking up for themselves and saying,

“We created this profit, what right do you have to take it away?”

Perhaps we should all look at tax and how it has become a poisoned chalice that hangs around our necks, only to be wasted in local and national government on idiotic employees ( I know, I work for the local government and see some bizarre people making some crazy decisions), crackpot schemes to control the general public and second-homes for ministers.

The trouble is that if we took a stance against tax we wouldn’t have any public services that are essential, such as the police force or the NHS. They would quickly get swallowed up by another corporation and we would have to pay a fee every time we used such a service; capitalism.

Not that the paying of tax is helping these organisations anyway, the money is still poorly delivered to those that need it.

We have a heady and unbalanced mix of capitalist thought within a socialist structure in this country.


My ketchup bottle is leaking; and the dishwasher is on the blink. So who do I call but the shrink. And if that fails to get an answer, then I can always revert to drink.

If there is a God and it looks down on us I wonder what it wonders. Because we’re making a right fuck up of it.

Now, time for a short poem:

Whatever you say that I am, I cannot be;

Not a mountain with its head in the clouds or

A fish gliding through the sea.

I do not suck on pretentious sweets

 Or offer my soul as a tasty treat.

I cannot be any of those things;

I can only be me.


Whatever I believe that I am, I am not;

Not a clued up, banged out ex wannabe

Deciphering the clues that lead to a wide-eyed existence

And then asking questions based around one word:


I cannot be those things that I was once before,

I can only be me.


There is no use for #whereareweheading

When the destination has always been the same;

Just look at trumped up people of power

To realise that their world is not the one

I see.

Not the one in front of me.

Not the one that I believe.

Not the one that could be free.

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