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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Getting into the Swing of 2018

Life is, for the most part, very trying; it is with this in mind that I have spent the last three weeks formulating a plan for the future.

The plan includes: writing...lots of it.
                               entering competitions...lots of.
                               attending launches and events.
                               becoming known to the universe as a writer.

Not easy, but then, neither is breathing until you get used to it, and most of us have been doing that for quite some time.

Plans need action, and you also need to plan making a plan, which requires more planning. But, a plan means nothing until you give yourself targets.

Robin Hood had targets, and he managed to pick off every single; if we could all be like Robin Hood the world would perhaps be a little fairer.

So welcome to 2018. A couple of changes on this blog bring in the new year, while Splintered Cinema will take a step back, so being some sort of bohemian writer chap comes to the fore.

Be kind to each other;let's make this one for the future.

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